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The units typically utilize a 0-10VDC signal and a pressure transducer which measures duct static pressure. The duct static pressure is used to control the VFD as required to maintain the set point static pressure. Construction on all of the MA and NJ solar sites commenced in early Spring and all of the solar systems are expected to be online by the fourth quarter of 2020 or earlier. American Hydrotech, Inc. is pleased to offer all of our literature, details, specifications, product information and project photography to assist you in designing your project. Please consider accessing this information from our Resource Center in lieu of requesting an Architectural Binder. Many plants will benefit greatly from an irrigation system especially if non-native vegetation is selected for its aesthetics.

Therefore, warranty duration is normally used to attempt to distinguish commodity products from those that offer longer service life. However, the warranty duration is not necessarily an indication of performance. Liquid-applied roof membranes generally are installed in 70-mil, 80-mil or 90-mil finished thicknesses but can be as thick as 115-mil in some applications. Liquid-applied membrane roof systems typically are reinforced with polyester reinforcing fabric or fleece. Liquid-applied roof membranes are more widely known to be used as waterproofing systems but have gained in popularity as roof systems, especially in reroofing situations and in PRM Assemblies. However, if a liquid-applied roof membrane does not have reinforcement, it typically is considered a coating system.

Some jurisdictions specify that a GRP be part of any green roof design team. You will need to know the slope, the structural loading capacity, and existing materials of the roof, as well as the nature of any drainage systems, waterproofing, and electrical and water supply in place. You should also consider who would have access to it, who will perform maintenance, and what kind of sun and wind exposure the roof gets. The presence of a green roof decreases the exposure of waterproofing membranes to large temperature fluctuations, that can cause micro-tearing, and ultraviolet radiation. For example, research published by the National Research Council of Canada found that an extensive green roof reduced the daily energy demand for air conditioning in the summer by over 75% . Trane Zoned Rooftop Systems are available in single- or multiple-zone configurations and provide cost-effective comfort control for different areas of light commercial buildings with varying needs.

And because we install it from the top, we can lower your overall installation costs and timeline so you can get to work faster and more efficiently. When you need fast installation and effective results, this system is a great option. With 50+ years of proven performance, our materials and methods are engineered to stand the test of time.

This can play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting urban areas to a future climate with warmer summers. Green roof technologies not only provide the owners of buildings with a proven return on investment, but also represent opportunities for significant social, economic, and environmental benefits, particularly in cities. LiveRoof offers the Natural Function and Natural Beauty of built-in-place living roofs—without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation. First Class is the luxury line that LITRA offers for business applications.

China Rooftop Packaged Unit for Green House Cultivation

This rooftop solar system was designed to offset Sony’s high energy consumption on their movie studio sets. This complex roof layout and decking required careful electrical and structural design. From , 90MW was successfully deployed on 25 commercial solar rooftops in southern California. Part of the initiative includes the largest single solar PV rooftop in 2011 in the U.S., with a DC nameplate rating of 8.55 MW on a 1.3M square foot building.

As a family-owned and -operated business, you can trust us to deliver unwavering honesty and dedication to our clients. For a deeper insight into green roofs and green roof designs, attend one of our Green Roof Professional Training Courses, or purchase one of our course textbooks from the Green Infrastructure Store. Green roofs on educational facilities can provide an easily accessible site to teach students and visitors about biology, green roof technology, and the benefits of green roofs. Using green roofs as the site for an urban agriculture project can reduce a community’s footprint through the creation of a local food system. They are an easily identifiable symbol of the green building movement and can act as an incentive to those interested in the multiple benefits offered by green roofs.

Coatings include aluminum-pigmented asphalt, asphalt emulsion (reflective or non-reflective), urethane, and acrylic. However, if coatings are specified, periodic recoating will be required. Because of future maintenance demands, coatings are not recommended. If a cap sheet is specified, it should be in addition to the 4 plies of felt. Bitumen is poured and aggregate surfacing is shoveled onto a built-up roof.

The purpose of the NDE is to find areas of wet insulation caused by moisture entrapment during application or leakage caused by roof system defects. Low voltage electronic leak detection may be employed continuously to monitor roofs to warn of leaks before they migrate to the building interior. This technique is usually employed on high-risk occupancies, such as hospital operating rooms, computer facilities, museums, etc. See the Integrity Testing for Roofing and Waterproofing Membranes Resource Page for further information. For most projects, periodic observation by the roofing designer is sufficient. But for others, full-time observation by the designer or a roof consultant is prudent.

South Hesse is home to one of the largest rooftop photovoltaic systems in Germany. A solar power system on top of a logistics warehouse in Dieburg is the first rooftop system to receive the highly sought-after funding of the Federal Network Agency. ABB plays a relevant role by connecting the solar system to the medium-voltage network.

With some composite boards, the secondary layer is superficially adhered to the primary layer. With these boards, it is important to mechanically attach the composite board rather than adhere it. The top layer composite insulation may be used in lieu of a separate insulation cover board. A nail-base insulation product should be checked to make sure it possesses adequate compressive strength and shear strength to withstand the loads expected for the roof system. XPS can often be re-used when re-roofing, because it does not absorb water when there are the inevitable leaks, distinguishing it from the more commonly used polyisocyanurate insulation.

We were able to move the modular tray, repair the section of roof below and replace the tray with ease. We highly recommend Green Roof Outfitters and their Modular Options. I purchased a green roof for my shed last year, to compliment our house in Freeport, Maine. The house is a LEED Platinum certified structure, and I wanted a test of the roof to see how it would do. It survived the BRUTAL Maine winter and we are very pleased with the results. Combining high-quality artificial turf with the most advanced installation methods, we deliver a stunning and functional system for play and gathering spaces for patios, terraces, and rooftop areas.