Martorano’s Italian – American Kitchen

Martorano’s combines exceptional food, music, and movie entertainment to create the most unique dining experience. We are not for everyone, nor have we claimed to be. If you get “IT”, you will have the time of your life. If you don’t, we’re just not for you. Enjoy our state-of-the-art sound and lighting system that sets the scene with anything from classic R&B and Disco, to today’s Hip Hop and Classic Slow Jams. Our High-Definition televisions throughout the restaurant show scenes from many of my favorite movies. Keep in mind, the movie content may be R-rated and contain scenes not suitable for children under the age of 18. If you want to have a business meeting or a family dinner, join us between 5pm and 9pm when you can listen to classics from Sinatra to John Coltrane. From 9pm to 2am, if warranted, the music kicks up and the party begins. If you see this concept anywhere in the world, know it began at Martorano’s Italian/American Kitchen in 1983. Just to let you know, our food is cooked to order when it’s ready it will come out.

DJ Joey Martorano is spinning from 9-? FridaySaturday nights!

Martorano’s Italian/American Kitchen Menu

Quality. Consistency and hard work are cornerstone ingredients behind Steve’s South Philly inspired Italian cuisine. The menu, developed exclusively by Martorano, features his unique touches on dishes like grilled octopus with Meyer lemons, Sicilian rice balls with prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella and braised pig’s feet, along with his classic tried and true favorites like meatballs and San Marzano gravy, veal, fresh mozzarella stuffed hot peppers, eggplant and calamari.


This is not your ordinary restaurant. With a flavor unique to its own, Martorano’s combines exceptional food, music and movie entertainment to create the most unique dining experience. Each restaurant features an inviting, energetic atmosphere, modern interior, and “welcome to the family” vibe. The main dining room overlooks an open kitchen where guests can view Steve crafting his signature specialties such as his world famous meatball, eggplant stack, and shrimp scampi.

A state-of-the art sound and lighting system sets the scene with Classic R&B and Classic Rock music. High-definition televisions throughout the restaurant shows scenes from Steve’s favorite classic movies, sporting events, fashion, travel and cooking shows.